Carpentry and joinery services

Made Of Wood has been offering the services of professional carpenters and cabinetmakers for 6 decades.

Efficiency, economy and ecology

At Made Of Wood, in addition to carrying out interior design projects, we are dedicated to the assembly of wooden buildings, both with CLT cross-laminated structures. KLH, Xilonor, as light-framed.

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CLT Constructions

We build all kinds of structures with CLT panels, working directly with architects, construction companies or end customers. We can carry out the calculation of the structure if the client wishes and do the breakdown for the manufacture and installation of the same structure, for this we have a great team with experience in calculation of structures and design in cadwork.


Interior Design

Throughout our 60 years of experience, we have acquired extensive experience in the manufacture of custom furniture, both at an individual level and for public and private companies, architects and interior designers are our main clients. For all this, it allows us to adapt to the needs of our clients and give high-quality finishes in our interior design projects.

These projects can range from the rehabilitation of commercial premises to private homes, custom furniture, as well as exteriors, windows, French doors, doors, entrances, etc. Everything related to wood.


Roofs and Waterproofing

The world of wood has been evolving and opening up to a wide range of possibilities, allowing the assembly of roofs and ventilated facades, as well as wood cladding for both interior and exterior. Roofs with laminated beam structures, sandwich panel type cladding, with insulation. And covering them either by leaving them for a conventional tile-type roof or in PVC sheet, with thermo-welded joints.

Quality finishes in downspouts, gargoyles and water evacuation elements.

Need a professional wood job?

Whether it’s timber construction structures, interior joinery or building decks, Made Of Wood offers effective solutions. Tell us about your project and we will advise you

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